No tantrums with Kind Habits Course



The Topic of the class is how to communicate with children in a kind and successful way. 

What would you get from the workshop?

  • Child development 101. A small view of development and how the child brain works, so you can understand you child better.
  • Tools and suggestions to the best way to communicate with children.
  • Help to understand your child better, enjoy parenthood, and appreciate these precious early childhood years.
  • This class is divided by 3 modules , you can watch the videos and do it at your on pace.
  • Exercises that will help you understand your actions and old habits. And put new practices in you tool box to deal with tantrums in a calm and successful way.

With a very interactive workshop, Katherine will capture parents with activities that make them engage with the topic, think about their children’s needs, your needs, and a better way to understand and communicate with your children in a kind, positive way. She will talk about how to make connections that will lead to a better relationship for now and the future.

After you signed up you will get an email with the link with videos, worksheets and pdf with a presentation, so you can have all the tools with you and review them whenever you want.

Can’t wait to work with you!