About Kind Habits


Hi! My name is Katherine Perry, children & parent  educator, wife & mom of three wild and wonderful kids!

 After 18 years of experience working with children, as a teacher, camp counselor, parent consultant, nanny and mom. I put together different workshops and classes for parents with tools that are very helpful to use, so we can enjoy parenting and have more quality time with our children. Along with that, a Moms Retreat that helps moms to connect with each other, connect with nature, learn from each other, have a fun weekend of rest and laugh with powerful women.

We also run a Spanish Adventure Summer Camp. Super fun way for children from 7 to 10 years old to practice Spanish, learn about another culture and make great friendships by playing, being outdoors, singing, creating and and have the best summer adventure in a caring environment.

As an educator I believe that these lovely first years are the most important for the children but also for the parents to enjoy and create a bond with their young human beings that will grow stronger and stronger over time.

Yes! being a parent is exhausting sometimes, but the years go by so fast. Our kids will follow their own paths one day, and It will be nice to know that out in the society they will be successful, happy, independent and wonderful citizens of the world.