Hi! We're Katy and Phil, parents to two wild and wonderful kids!

Although we’re passionate about early childhood education, we found ourselves extremely challenged when we first became parents. We knew we wanted to be good parents and we knew we had some general parenting tools, but we also recognized we needed help to really do the best job that we could. 

We are a bilingual, biracial, bicontinental couple who have faced endless sleepless nights, sick kids, mortgage woes and everything in between–you name it and we’ve been there. Throughout all of our challenges, we’ve been blessed to have the support of other parents who just get it.

Fast foward a few years, and we decided to launch Kind Habits to build the kind of community for others that we needed when we first became parents.  Our goal is to support parents as they develop relationships with their kids while also helping them create a healthy, challenging childhood environment where the parents stay sane and kids develop good habits.  

Katy is an expert in childhood education and the brains behind this whole operation. Phil is a Dad who is just trying to learn something – anything– from this crazy thing called parenting.